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Summer of Social Action:   SSA is an intensive 8-week summer program in social justice organizing.  This is our flagship program in which field organizers learn advanced grassroots organizing techniques and campaign development.  Click here for more details.

Break for Change:  Our alternative spring break program for colleges and universities.  This is a week long program designed for college students on spring break interested in social justice organizing.  Contact us if you are interested in getting your school involved. 

GHRU:  The Georgia Human Rights Union is a project of the Georgia Citizen's Coalition on Hunger.  The GHRU comes together as a monthly support and activist group to discuss the issues that keep poor people impoverished.  ETS works with the GHRU to promote the mutual exchange of resources and information.  ETS works on outreach efforts, event organizing, and recruitment for the GHRU. 

Anti-Oppression:  ETS places great emphasis on anti-oppression work within the organization and throughout our work.  We have made a commitment to challenging racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia,  and sexism.  We have developed an education program and a caucus systems as strategies to institutionalize this commitment.  Currently the anti-oppression structure has expanded to multiple caucus groups which meet separately in an attempt to provide the balance of critical and supportive spaces necessary to address anti-oppression issues.

Living Wage Campaign:   ETS has joined more than 40 Atlanta organizations to fight for a living wage in our city.  This movement is founded on two principles: 1) People who work full time should be able to support their family above the poverty line and 2) Employers who receive public dollars should be required to pay workers a living wage.  ETS serves actively on the Steering and Public Education/Outreach Committees of this campaign.

Atlanta Book Club:  The Atlanta Book Club is a project of Project South and works to bring progressive authors to the community for an open discussion of their work and the issues they write of.  ETS works on outreach and organizing for the Book Club.  In the past, ETS worked hard to bring nationally-renowned author Leslie Feinberg to speak to our community. 

Art Project:  The art project in an on-going feature of ETS work, providing a powerful vehicle for creative resistance.  This project has proven to be a great way to educate others on political issues and is also a means of sustaining one another through collective action and self-expression.  Specific projects have included 'zines and pamphlets, flyer and sticker campaigns, public poetry, street theater, and murals.

*empty the shelters is a national organization of young people struggling for our own survival and supporting other organizations led by people struggling for their survival.  we are working to end poverty through fundamental social change.*

from the ets mission statement